Spreading The Wonderful Message Of Peace And Yoga Is Our Aim.


Shantam will be special. It will neither be a complete temple nor will it resemble an ashram.

Meditation hall

A unique combining of devotion and peace, a peaceful place amidst scenic settings, to practice meditation and Yoga. The meditation hall has a capacity to seat 200 practitioners at a time. The fully air conditioned meditation hall will have a stage where a special idol of Lord Hanuman ji will be installed.

The hall will enable 200 devotees to sit together and learn the 24-minute Hanuman Chalisa meditation course. The special aspect of this hall is that any practioner who enters the hall will be able to completely enter into 'nothingness' or 'zero'. The hall will be surrounded by scenic beauty and because of the 'Gau-shala' attached to it, will also attract positive energy. This is the main centre of Shantam, designed such that it is neither a temple nor an ashram.

Gau-shala (Cow-shelter)

A small section of Shantam has been reserved for a 'Gau-shala'. It would be something different from the usual 'Gau-shalas' that one gets to see in various parts of the country. Looking after cows and running a cow shelter are pious endeavours carried out in various parts of the country. These endeavours are worthy of appreciation. In Shantam's cow shelters, there will either be a single cow or a maximum of 7 cows which will be a part of meditation. Practioners will sit near the cow or cows and imbibe the positive energy of the cows.

They will then use their eyes to meditate on the eyes of the cows. This small 'Gau-shala' will be a part of the Hanuman Chalisa meditation course. The construction of this 'Gau - shala' is being done and designed in such a manner that it functions as an open meditation centre. The 'Cow Meditation' or 'Gau-Dhyan' will be a way to connect with simplicity and peace and this unique method can be experienced in Shantam.

Administration building

A building occupying 3000 sq.ft. of space and consisting of 3 floors would house the administration wing of Shantam. Here, apart from guest houses, it would also contain the 'Guru Nivas' or the permanent residence of Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta.

Annakshetra (Kitchen / Dining area)

A food centre that helps in meditation. Food plays a very important part in the practice of Yoga and meditation. The type of food that one eats, determines the type of mind that one will have. That is why at Shantam special attention and care has been given to purity and cleanliness, etc.

Shantam's kitchen will be spread over an area of approximately 625 sq.ft., while the dining hall will be of around 1000 sq.ft. The act of eating, here, would feel like undergoing a 'yagya' – it would be that pure and holy. This act would help in bringing peace into oneself. Those taking part in the meditation course would be requested to have at least one meal daily in the Shantam dining hall. This would also be a part of the course. That is why prime importance is being given to the kitchen and dining areas in Shantam.


Temple Yagya-Shala Primary school, etc