Jeevan Prabandhan or Life Management believes in 7 formulas which help lead a better, more meaningful life. These 7 formulas are:

  • Truth: Try to be truthful always. This will bring out your most natural self.
  • Ego: Put aside ego. You will feel light and relaxed.
  • Avoid Denouncement: Don't denounce others. This will make you free.
  • Prayer: Pray every day. This will strengthen you internally.
  • Silence: Silence does not mean the act of not speaking. Try to be consciously silent for sometime every day. You will be at peace with yourself.
  • Meditation: Practice meditation every day. You will become fit mentally and physically.
  • Networking: Try to spend some time with your near and dear ones. Make a time schedule to spend time with your family, friends and colleagues.
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