24 Minute Meditation Workshop
through Shri Hanuman Chalisa

In today’s age, there is no peace of mind and restlessness is everywhere. Peace evades even the successful person, while the unsuccessful ones are drowned in depression, thus devoid of peace. Generally, everybody is facing 5 kinds of problems and these are related to: Society, Wealth, Relationships, Health and Children. It is understandable if lack of peace is seen among the general public.

But I have seen that peace seems to evade devotees of God too. If devotees are restless, lack peace of mind and are depressed, then it is an insult to God. It pains me to see a devotee of Lord Hanuman in pain or distress. Sri Hanuman Chalisa is a mantra and Lord Hanuman is a God of happiness, one who pleases the mind. How can a devotee of such a God be sad or depressed? The centre of peace as well as of restlessness in humans is the mind. We are made up of three things: Body, mind and soul. If you want to control the mind, then meditation is a must. That is why I have prepared a short version of meditation through Hanuman Chalisa.


Sri Hanuman Chalisa Meditation Through Breath

1st Stage: 6 minutes: How to sleep
2nd Stage: 6 minutes: How to get up
3rd Stage: 6 minutes: Afternoon recitation, Chakra, mental recitation
4th Stage: 6 minutes: 4 stage meditation process in the evening

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