Daily Routine of Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta ji.

He is a columnist, motivational speaker and curious reader. Generally he studies, contemplates, writes in morning between 3am -6am (whenever he wakes up as per the sleeping time). Then he does Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa, then finally performs Hanumat Havan. So the schedule is like firstly self-study then meditation then Havan then temple and worship.

The oblation offered in Hanumat Havan is from Hanuman Chalisa and the Havan is completed with the Veer Swaroop Mantra of Hanuman Ji. The great and unbelievable wonder of Hanumat Havan is that it generates 200% positive energy because the ingredients used in Havan are cow dung, Shuddha Ghee and fire(Agni) that is the exclusive effect of Hanuman Chalisa Hymn. And Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta follows this in his daily routine, no matter wherever he would.

If he is in Ujjain so he keeps busy in meetings, Shantam's affairs and other important works at his office between 11am to 6pm. If is out of the city so after completing his regular schedules like meetings, conferences, speeches, he conducts meditation through hanuman chalisa and then takes his dinner around 9pm, followed by a walk. Before going to bed he repeats the meditation.

Generally he sleeps 5-7 hours a day and travels thousands of kilometers in a month. Everyday around 10-25 new people meet with him. He is very abstinent to his diet; only takes once served food in the platter and avoid excessive spices especially red chilly. He takes turmeric milk before sleeping. People says he is so hard working that he never feel tiredness, he keeps smiling and happy every time, must because of blessings of Hanuman Ji.

Aims of Shantam -

This holy cause of building of Shantam would become possible with the support and funding by people, the people who feel that we should enrich our kids with our priceless religious, moral and sacramental values and our families should have strong bonding with each other, our people live peacefully; they can contribute in this great cause.